domingo, 3 de mayo de 2015

Regulated Careers In Canada, Salaries, Minimum Wage and Analysis

There are some careers and professions in Canada that are regulated, that means that you need a licence from the government to be able to practice this profession this is because they need to be sure you meet the require standards the profession requires; what is very paradoxical to me is that the person who has the most responsibility in the country is not regulated and does not require a license for it, this role is for the Prime Minister.

Officially the Primer Minister of Canada makes $256,237.00 dollars a year, so it seems the person with more responsibility don't require a license ad the salary is not bad either, making a little bit more of research I realized that no country requires the prime minister to be licensed or regulated by any body, there are some cases where you don't even need to have a specific level of education!!! and the salaries are not bad either, here are some graphs about it.
Heads Of State Annual Income 

The above diagram shows the annual salary of the head of State per year in american dollars, as you can see some of them make a real fortune!!!, then I was thinking that people working minimal wage jobs are not regulated either, so I compared the income of the head of stated versus the people with minimum wage.

Head of State Salary vs Minimum Wage

There are huge differences between the minimum wage of the countries and the income of the head of the state, it is really astonishing!!! the differences are so big that I decided to make a different visualization to show the differences in a better way, so here is a graphic visualization of the differences between the minimum wages and the head of state wage, the area of the circles represent the difference, furthermore the bigger the area the bigger the difference.

AlgeriaAngola ArgentinaAustraliaAzerbaijanBangladeshBelarus BeninCanadaChina ColombiaFranceGermanyHungaryIndiaIreland KenyaLesothoLiberia MaltaMexicoNetherlandsParaquayPortugalRomaniaRussia (PM)Russia (President)Slovak Republic Slovenia SpainTurkey USUkraineUnited Kingdom VenezuelaZambia
Besides the obvious gap and inequality you really need to think that a regulation in your career should not limit your options, life is just a deck of cards and you decide how to play with the hand you have been given, as you can see even in the non regulated areas you can be earning a minimum wage or be at the top of the chain, remember to use your skills to solve problems no to get titles, the difference in salaries does not have anything to see with the regulation board or certifications you have but the type of problems you are able to solve.


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